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This is NAKTO electric bike reviews page.

We have not only NAKTO electric bikes reviews from www.electricbikereviews.com but also  electric reviews from common customers who phurseched from our offcial site www.e-bikes.com, Amazon and ebay.

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1.Camel 26" White

Camel 26" one of  NAKTO city ebikes,which is NO.1 on the top sale list, only $649

This Camel 26" city ebike cruiser  reviews videos from electricbikereview.com

2.NAKTO Super Cruiser 500W Fat Tire

Cruiser 500W 26" is our fast ebike, 500w Motor, 48v12a Lithum battery,only with $1199

This  reviews videos from electricbikereview.com


3.Classic 26".

 Classic 26" with 250w motor,6 speed Shimano Tourney derailleur,36v 10.4ah battery , just $749

4.Cruiser 300W

Cruiser 300W 26" is our best seller in Fat Tires, only with $899

5.Fashion 20" Folding ebike

Fashion 20" is a foldable ebike, 250 W motor, 36v 10a Lithum Battery, only $599


6.Mini Crusier 20"

MINI Cruiser 20" is fat tire Cruiser , 300 W motor, 36v 10a Lithum Battery, only $799

6.Mountain Electric bike Ranger 26"

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